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What I'm Up To...

Be part of my journey! Check in on the news, and my creative process.

Your life is my inspiration.


Art Educates

My all time life mission is to teach art to local regular folks and give them access to culture and fine arts thru entertaining paint parties in which we learn about art while creating really great art pieces that attendees can be proud of. No skill needed, just a good attitude and desire to have fun in the company of like minded adventurous souls.




Events: https:///

Work In Progress

I'm currently working on a few series:

* Large formats of acrylic on stretch canvas - major figures of politics, arts, entertainment and more.

*Chain series, acrylic and chains. This series deals with the human condition and is my artistic rendition of "What chains us" as a society.

* Line art portraits - I simply explore all sorts of circles (sports, entertainment, men, women, animals, celebrities...). I love the simplicity of lines still carrying strong emotions.

* Oil Pastels - I'm exploring my own version of cubism in the African American community.

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