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Maryam Crogman (Alma)

I am a multicultural/racial/lingual French Caribbean artist, educator and author. As a biracial kid racial identity, colorism and racial divide always tore me apart. So through art, I speak. I paint figures of different cultural and marginalized groups, their story, their dreams, their fights, and their creativity.  Through these images I ask WHY being of different HUES seems to be such an issue for humans, and why it overshadows recognizing how great people are. I find joy in working out facial expressions, hair and strong symbols, often adorned with Afrocentric shapes and symbols. All my work is wrapped in bold colors, uneven planes, unbroken lines, and diverse tools and media. I play with techniques from pop art to uninterrupted lines, pointillism and acrylic portraits, often encased in epoxy. Occasionally I use spray paint, street arts, or digital art. 

I'm also the owner of L'Expression Creative Studios Inc., a multicultural paint party company, art center and event space on a "Arts in Diversity" mission in Southern California, USA.

I'm tackling the same cultural questions through stories for kidsMy first book "A Bull In The Air" was published in May 2020. Follow for the series of Mr. Moo and his incredible journeys to understand himself and accept others.

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